[131] Protesters gathered for the third consecutive Sunday since mass anti-government demonstrations began on 17 October, filling the streets and central squares of major cities including Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre. [86] Gunfire was heard outside the Tripoli office of Firas Al-Ali, an associate of Hariri. Samir Geagea, their leader, had previously blamed his opponents for "obstructing the necessary reforms," but since declared his "lack of confidence in the current cabinet." [315] Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab hosted the speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani on 17 February, as Iran expresses readiness to assist Lebanon with its ongoing crisis. [226], On 8 December, Samir Khatib withdrew as candidate for prime minister after failing to get enough backing from the Sunni Muslim parties in parliament. [324], Due to religious restrictions guarding the country's system of protection, Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab stated on 2 March, that the government has become unable to protect the Lebanese citizens. He has also issued a warning to the Shiite group Hezbollah, which was held responsible for delaying the process of forming a new government, saying that the Iran-backed movement should not overestimate its powers. Sources claimed that Daou and Abou Fakhr were acquainted prior to the murder, implying a personal motive. We will die and Palestine survive," according to France 24. [435][436], On 4 August, dozens of Lebanese protesters attempted to force their way into the energy ministry's headquarters in Beirut, following power outages which left several areas in darkness. Entretien du 16/03/2020 avec Marie-Noëlle Kallas-Chémaly, médecin endocrinologue. Road blockages that take lives of innocent people, paralyze economy & could trigger confrontation could only compromise peaceful protests & their legitimate demand 4 reforms & change", "Provoking each-other by violent acts and foul words of hatred is a dangerous path that could lead to confrontation and conflict #Lebanon", "Lebanon Protesters Defiant Despite Hezbollah, Amal Attack", "Second night of clashes in Lebanon amid anti-gov't protests", "Lebanon's Hariri says he does not want be PM", "Aoun to hold consultations for new PM on Thursday: Source", "It appears that protestors camped out in #Baalbek had their camps demolished by partisans holding Hezbollah and Amal flags chanting "Shia, Shia". [46] The combination of an economic downturn in the import-dependent country with the continuation of its dollar peg saw an increase in the government's budget deficit and a reliance on using foreign exchange reserves from the nation's central bank to keep the currency peg. [111], Black-clad[104] Hezbollah and Amal Movement supporters attacked protesters in Beirut on 29 October, tearing down and setting fire to the tents set up by the protesters, throwing plastic chairs, and beating anti-government protesters. In the northern city of Tripoli protesters lobbed fireworks and stones at soldiers who pushed them back with rubber bullets. [426] According to Arab News, security forces detained the Lebanese activist Pierre Hashash, further beating up two others among the protesters who came out to demonstrate against the detention of Hashash. [401][402], On 13 June, some Lebanese protesters in Beirut's Martyrs' Square were sighted wearing black with their faces colored in white, while moving around with a coffin covered with the Lebanese. [227] With Khatib's withdrawal, Saad Hariri became the only candidate for prime minister once again. La situation au Liban, «pire que la guerre» ... 14 août 2020 . An invite-only private military parade had been held in the early morning by the Lebanese government, and the civil parade was intended as a rebuke against the government organized by the "true Lebanese": the parade had "batallions" representing different groups from Lebanese society, including cooks, schoolteachers, retired military personnel, pharmacists, engineers, women's rights activists, bankers, athletes, performance artists and more. Car malgré les appels pressants et les pressions de la communauté internationale, et en dépit de l’urgence de la situation, le Liban est toujours sans gouvernement depuis quatre mois. According to local media, Fleity committed suicide because he was unable to provide for his family after losing his job. [200] Meanwhile, businessman Samir Khatib announced that he was "ready to form a new government", and seemed to accrue some level of endorsement from political parties. [442] That same day, Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beirut. [520] A massive funeral procession was held in the evening with tens of thousands of attendees, with Abou Fakhr's coffin carried throughout Beirut. [451][452] Also, the Environment Minister Damianos Kattar lamented that the regime is incompetent and has missed chances for ensuring reforms. #Lebanon Army visible forming what could be a line b/w protestors the partisans", "#Hezbollah & Amal supporters trashed the protestors' sound system, threatened them and also cornered most of them in an office around the street where army officers served as a buffer front to protect protestors in #Baalbak #Lebanon #LebanonProtests", "Confrontation between FPM, Kataeb Supporters in Bikfaya", "Lebanon Clashes Threaten to Crack Open Fault Lines", "Kataeb supporters lob stones at FPM supporters in Bikfaya, one injury reported –[VIDEOS]", "Overnight clashes in Lebanon injure dozens as tensions rise", "Gas station owners announce open-ended strike from Thursday", "Mothers lead march between Muslim-Christian suburbs", "Fear, turmoil in Lebanon as its financial crisis worsens", "Lebanon pays $1.5B Eurobond: Finance Ministry source", "Day 43: Protests at VAT building, Central Bank", "Arab League Says Ready to Help Solve Lebanon Crisis", "Uprising day 44: Protesters gather outside state institutions", "Report: Hizbullah Asks Aoun to 'Postpone' Consultations", "Lebanon: 'Hezbollah' Asks Aoun to Postpone Consultations to Try Persuade Hariri", "Lebanon's protestors unimpressed by proposaals for next prime minister", "Lebanon: Suicide of indebted father sparks anger as economic woes grow", "Roads blocked after political consensus on Khatib", "March against sexual harassment in Beirut", "Lebanese women march in Beirut against sexual harassment", "Marwan, you've been all but Habib to Lebanese women, no proof needed", "Lawyer files suit against alleged serial harasser after numerous women step forward", "Lebanon safety of women journalists in jeopardy amidst protests", "Lebanon crisis: PM Candidate Samir Khatib withdraws from consideration", "Lebanon: Hariri emerges as PM candidate, Khatib withdraws", "Aboudi Kakhiyeh Died in Tripoli This Morning 3 Days Before His Engagement", "Angry Protesters Attack Lebanese City's Municipality", "Quatre manifestants arrêtés à l'aube à Jounieh, libérés en soirée", "Security forces violently attack protestors near Berri residence", "Street battles in Beirut as counterprotesters clash with police", "Traangas en rubberen kogels gebruikt tegen demonstranten Beiroet", "Security forces fire tear gas, rubber bullets in Beirut protest", "Violent protests erupt on streets of Beirut", "ولما تبين لي انه رغم التزامي القاطع بتشكيل حكومة اختصاصيين، فإن المواقف التي ظهرت في الأيام القليلة الماضية من مسألة تسميتي هي مواقف غير قابلة للتبديل، فإنني أعلن انني لن أكون مرشحا لتشكيل الحكومة المقبلة، ٢/٣", "Lebanon crisis: Dozens wounded in second night of clashes in Beirut", "Angry confrontations in Lebanon before parliament sitting", "Day 61: Roadblocks in North, Quiet in Beirut", "Lebanon delays nomination of new PM amid protests, divisions", "Infiltrators fail to intimidate protesters", "Chaos ensues after video targeting Shiite figures goes viral", "Protest squares attacked in Beirut, south Lebanon overnight", "Shiite groups' supporters clash with security forces in Beirut, opening a new chapter in Lebanon's crisis", "Lebanon's Saad Hariri says he does not want to be next PM", "Hariri Withdraws Nomination for PM Post, Urges against Postponing Consultations", "AUB professor Hassan Diab emerges as favorite for PM designation", "Lebanon's Hariri says he will not be PM again", "Lebanon ups security at protest sites after violence", "Lebanon protests: University professor Hassan Diab nominated to be PM", "Lebanese president asks Hassan Diab to form government", "Roadblocks across Lebanon as anger rises over Diab pick as PM", "Thousands protest in Lebanon against new Prime Minister Hassan Diab", "Lower turnout as protesters rally against new Lebanon PM", "Hundreds share Christmas dinner in Martyrs' Square", "الحركة السياحية تراجعت 80% وإلغاء الحجوزات مستمر... كيدانيان لـ"النهار": مبادرة تتضمّن أسعاراً "إغرائية" للسياح", "Protesters call for Lebanon's new PM to quit as crisis deepens", "Protesters demand new PM's resignation in Lebanon", "لبنانيون يتظاهرون أمام منزل رئيس الحكومة حسان دياب احتجاجا على تكليفه", "Lebanese Protesters Clash with Police outside Central Bank as Aoun Blames 'Obstacles' for Govt. [130] In the afternoon, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters flooded the streets across Lebanon in a "Sunday of unity". But previously promised aid has never arrived because Lebanon has failed to make progress on the funders’ required reforms. [132][133] These attacks were presumed to be affiliated with Hezbollah. As security workers were taking away the body in a white coffin and clearing the scene, his relative blamed the government for the hard times that brought about the suicide of the victim. [510] On 23 October 2020, he returned to Beirut. [58] As the Minister of Higher Education Akram Chehayeb and his convoy passed by the area, protesters assembled around his car. Il est traversé par une série de crises qui ne peuvent pas nous laisser indifférents. [278], On 19 January, an American freelance journalist Nicholas Frakes was arrested on the allegation of sending footage of anti-government protests to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, according to The Washington Post. The Lebanese Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad described Diab's government as a failure in terms of meeting the demands of the people of Lebanon. Inside the race to offer the first Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States. [340] According to Reuters, the closure which commenced on Wednesday, is expected to be in place until 29 March, so as to enable the state of health emergency that has been set up, to tackle the virus effectively. [444], On 8 August 2020, thousands of protesters stormed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bustros Palace) during demonstrations. (Video via an eyewitness)", "Lebanon parliament postpones session as protesters block roads", "Defiant protesters hold rival parade on Lebanon independence day", "Diverse Lebanon protesters unite to celebrate 'real' independence day", "Lebanese citizens take to the streets to celebrate Independence Day", "Five released after arrest for tearing down FPM banner", "Hezbollah accuses US of meddling in Lebanon's crisis", "Scores protest foreign interference outside U.S. Embassy", "Uprising day 39: Protesters reclaim the coast", "It seems a couple people were beaten because they were suspected of being Hezbollah supporters. On 17 October 2019, approximately 150 civil activists were protesting against the new proposed taxes in and around downtown Beirut, blocking important streets after the first call to protest that was made by Lihaqqi لِحقّي . [431][432] According to VOA News, after the previous visit of the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to the capital Beirut, he was criticized by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which Hitti found to be disappointing. However, the details of the owners or source of the chemicals was not disclosed, the Times of Israel added. [395], On 11 June, fresh violence erupted in Lebanon's capital Beirut, after the Lebanese pound significantly depreciated against the US dollars as angry protesters took to the streets. [385] The Lebanese protesters further provided the US protesters with a list of items to carry along while demonstrating, as well as how to prevent themselves from the excessive use of force by security forces. [149] Nasrallah also called for banking secrecy and any prior amnesty for public representatives to be lifted, "dating back to 1992". [493][494], On Monday also, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Lebanon for the second time since the August 4 explosion which destroyed almost half of Beirut. Bad planning, corruption and the sudden shock of a pandemic have caused the Lebanese currency to crash and consumer prices to jump. Violence erupted as Chamoun was being transported from the serail in Jounieh to another detention center. The Lebanese Media reported that there have been more than 30 injuries as a result of the clashes that happened between the protesters and the riot police. [59] Walid Joumblatt, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, stated that he had spoken to minister Chehayeb- in fact, this minister represents the party in the Lebanese government- and so requested the bodyguards be handed over to the police, as all people are "under the law". [148] In the afternoon, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech in which he made strong overtures towards a corruption investigation to be led by Lebanon's judiciary, offering for Hezbollah to collaborate fully with any such investigation and calling for a "strong, independent judiciary" to equally investigate all Lebanese parties without reservation. [184][185][186], On 23 November, five youths, including children aged 12 and 15, were detained by Lebanese military intelligence after taking down a banner which supported the Free Patriotic Movement, which is the party of President Aoun. That strategy, which analysts have likened to a state-sponsored Ponzi scheme, ran out of gas last year when new depositors suspected the policy was unsustainable and stopped coming. Iraq and Lebanon deserve to set their own courses free from @khamenei_ir's meddling", "I support the Lebanese people protesting and demanding their government take care of all of its people, not just the rich and powerful. [363], On 27 April, large clashes in Tripoli between the army and protesters resulted in one protester being killed. [386][387], On 4 June, In anticipation of the intended protest scheduled for Saturday by the civil movement, the period of general mobilization in Lebanon was extended to 5 July by the Lebanese Council of Ministers. [516] A video circulating on social media appeared to show a plainclothes man who drove a civilian automobile shooting Abou Fakhr at close range. [498][499] Despite Adib’s resignation, President Aoun has maintained that he remains obligated to ensure that Macron's initiative is still on course. The protests are an existential threat to the Lebanese government and political elite and a revolution. [424], On 6 July, following the deepening economic crisis and regular power shortages in Lebanon, protesters took to the streets on Monday, shutting down roads and burning tires in the capital Beirut. [487], On 31 August, Mustapha Adib, Lebanon's ambassador to Germany since 2013 was named as the new Prime Minister of Lebanon. [473][474] The protesters criticized the lack of accountability by the authorities to look into the August 4 explosion that devastated the capital, as some of them held up black versions of the Lebanese flag as a sign of mourning those killed in the blast. He was the first foreign head of state to do so since the blast. Security forces with batons, managed to break up the crowd which had already made it past a barbed-wire fence. “They come to sell because they need to eat,” said Ali Sabra, a gold merchant in Beirut who pays cash to families selling dowries and wedding rings to buy food. [339] The decision was reached after several hours of an emergency cabinet meeting which resulted to the closure of its land borders, seaports and Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut. Jenny Lafond Saleh à Beyrouth , le 13/04/2020 à 06:37 [64] Protesters saw the "WhatsApp tax" as the last straw, socially, politically and economically, against the entire political class, which was deemed corrupt and in need of immediate ousting. [484] Diab made the announcement while he was delivering a speech on Monday evening, blaming the country's ruling class for hindering reform plans. The Iranian speaker added that, considering Lebanon has made it all the way past the creation of a new government, Iran is now ready to assume their responsibility, which involves working with Lebanon, according to the Tasnim News Agency. “There are many sins and many sinners,” said Roy Badaro, a Lebanese economist. [462], On 3 September, 30 days after the devastating Beirut explosion, a rescue dog reportedly smelled something which the Chilean rescue thought might possibly be a heartbeat. [397] According to CNN, protests also reportedly broke out in southern cities of Saida and Nabatieh, as well as the northern city of Tripoli, where demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails and stones at the city's central bank building. [408], On 25 June, protests erupted across Lebanon amidst deteriorating economic conditions in the country, with several protesters shutting down various roads in Lebanon. [353][354] Aoun also maintained that the country is solely relying on the financial aid which is to be dedicated in executing infrastructure projects, as they have gone into an unforeseen economic recession. [299] Experts warned that the direction in which Lebanon is heading could ignite more instability, as the newly formed government is not expected to convince Lebanese protesters to end their demonstrations against the ruling elite, according to VOA. The outbreak of the protests was attributed to the accumulated crises within the preceding weeks in Lebanon. Prime Minister Hassan Diab maintained that the Lebanese government intends to use the plan in applying for an IMF programme that would facilitate the revival of the economy which is projected to be in crisis for the next five years. Highways and major roads were blocked in Beirut, Tripoli, Akkar, Sidon, and Zahle by protests and burning tires. [303][304] According to Arab News, 24 hours prior to the protest, employees of the US embassy were advised to stay clear of the area of the protests. [171], Activist and protester Khaldoun Jaber was released on 14 November after being detained by the Lebanese army in Baabda the previous day in mysterious circumstances. “Some of the best and brightest are not just emmigrating, but this time they may permanently turn their backs on this country.”. [29][30][31][32][33] Moreover, the prices of both oil and bread had been increasing as well as the rates of unemployment and poverty nationwide- in fact, the youth unemployment has reached 37% and the general unemployment 25% as of August 2019. ; For up-to-date information about our programmes and operations in Lebanon, including funding level and donor contributions, visit Global Focus, UNHCR's reporting portal. Vous l'avez demandé, vous l'avez attendu, et maintenant VOUS ÊTES SERVIS !! [428][429][430], On 3 August, Lebanon's Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti reportedly tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister Hassan Diab, describing his fear of the country turning into a failed state due to the government's inability to enact reforms. Additionally, an estimated number of 15 protesters were dragged into the barracks. [453], On 11 August, findings by Amnesty International suggested that Lebanese security forces had applied unlawful use of force against protesters, during protests after the explosion in Beirut. [292] 25 January marked the 100th day since the protests began. Last month, Human Rights Watch warned that millions of Lebanon’s residents, including more than one million Syrian refugees, were at risk of going hungry during the coronavirus lockdown if the government didn’t come to their aid. Aoun also stated that "anyone who cannot find faith in the current Lebanese government can leave Lebanon and live somewhere else". Le correspondant du « Monde » à Beyrouth, Benjamin Barthe, a répondu, dans un tchat, à vos questions sur la situation au Liban.